CARIFES Communication Development Project

CARIFES (Caribbean Fellowship of Evangelical Students) is a movement of students sharing and living out the good news of Jesus Christ in the Caribbean Region.

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To augment the development of the communication procedures and maintain its relevant systems and platforms, thus positioning CARIFES on the cutting edge of ministry to students.

  • Nineteen (19) member movements.
  • High cost for interregional travel.
  • Many national movements have no established communication methodologies.
  • Little visibility of the realities of student ministry in our region.
  • CARIFES website under construction.
  • Limited human resources to assist with the development and management of our communication initiatives.

The monthly budgeted amount for this project is US$ 2,000 or US$ 24,000 per year.

Where We Are Now...


The attached form will collect basic information from potential donors. After submission, personnel from CARIFES will subsequently make contact to facilitate the process. Thanks. 

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